Pest Control Expert Provides Tips On How To De-Web Thorough And Effectively

Pest Control Expert Provides Tips On How To De-Web Thorough And Effectively

Pest Control Expert Provides Tips On How To De-Web Thorough And Effectively

Need to de-web? Consider these tips from a pest control expert.

According to Hometown Station:

“Cardon Ellis from Unipest Pest Control in Santa Clarita provides knowledge on how to properly and effectively de-web in all possible areas from spiders.

“He points out that when homeowners start de-webbing to be very thorough and touch all corners of the web location. ‘There’s a daddy long legs and the cellar sliders and everything put up high. You got to constantly be looking down low for webs,’ Ellis said.

“Ellis wants people to make sure they are bending or on their knees to effectively remove the webs.

“’The most effective way to de-web isn’t just to hit it…the most effective way to de-web is to actually go up in the corner where you see the webs, and then slowly spin the de-weber pole,’ Ellis said. ‘You get rid of the webs that way so it wisps out the web instead of just matting it on to the onto the surface of the structure.’

“The de-web poles are up to 12 feet long so if you the person does not want to crawl, they can extend their pole. Having a second pair of eyes is helpful to make sure that the person eliminates all spider webs.

“If homeowners have waterspouts, then they will need to make sure to check those areas since spiders like the bottom area. Patio furniture is another popular area that webs tend to form underneath. Make sure to tilt the furniture to have better access to remove the web since black widows like to hang around that area.

“Kids toys are another popular place for spiders to form webs. ‘Black widows really like this type of plastic,’ Ellis said. Once everything is done double check all the areas that have been de-webbed.

“Remember to effectivity locate the webs so when it comes to small pots or pallets move things around to use the de-weber. If you have another person to help you, there job is to spray they areas that the person de-webbed.

“Ellis recommends to wear goggles during the summertime because homes pile up with dust during that time of year. ‘The dust from the home can get in your face especially if you’re twisting and doing this properly,’ Ellis said. Gloves are not required for de-webbing.”

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